Eat and play stay: Omaha

Tune in to this episode of “Eat Play Stay” as we head to one of Nebraska’s largest cities: Omaha. Omaha may be known for having one of the best zoos in the world, but in this episode of Eat, Play and Stay, we’re going to visit many other great places you might not have noticed.

Where is Omaha?

Omaha is a tap in the middle of America. Just three hours from Kansas City, Omaha is known for its pioneer history and museums as well as for steak and baseball. With a population of just under 500,000, there is a hidden gem around every corner.

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Eat – Restaurants in Omaha

edge of the universe

Edge of the Universe is a cafe that changes its theme every few months. Everything from the decor to the cocktail and food menu has changed. Some themes include Magical Halloween, Carnival and Van Gogh.

Enjoy coffee, hot chocolate, tea, baked goods, deli boards, spirit shakes and more here. The café also hosts regular trivia and movie nights, as well as a book club.

evil rabbit

  • 📍 Downtown Omaha, Nebraska

The Wicked Rabbit is a speakeasy located inside the bottle shop looking Glass Cigars & Spirits. No code is required to get in, but there is a secret bottle somewhere at the bar that opens the door to a secret room.

The speakeasy is a spirits-focused bar that focuses on tried-and-true classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned.

Big Mom’s Kitchen and Dining

Big Mama’s Kitchen and Catering has been featured on numerous food-themed TV shows, and for good reason. This joint restaurant serves soul food and comfort food prepared with recipes from the owner’s family for over a hundred years. Oven fried chicken, sweet potato pudding or macaroni and cheese never disappoint. There’s a reason why loyal customers from all over the country keep coming back.

Alpine Lodge

Despite what the name suggests, the Alpine Inn isn’t a hotel—unless you consider it a raccoon hotel. This family restaurant has been around since 1973 and is known as the “home of the wild” because the raccoons are always wandering around eating food scraps. This restaurant is known for its custom fried chicken and potato wedges.

Play – Things to Do in Omaha

jungle adventure

  • 📍 Bellevue, Nebraska

Located in the Fontenay Forest, about 10 minutes from downtown Omaha, TreeRush Adventure is a high ropes course that the whole family can enjoy. There are different paths with different difficulty levels, so you can chew out exactly how much you’re willing to chew. Obstacles include ziplines, swing bridges, nets, and more.

Fizzy’s Fountain and Wine

Fizzy’s Fountain & Liquors is owned by a married couple. This fun soda shop has the vibe of an old-fashioned restaurant with a jukebox and retro decor. Fizzy’s serves ice cream cocktails, slush, floats and cocktails. There is also a small food menu. When ready to order, guests simply pick up the wall phone at the table and press a button to call the bartender.

tiny house bar

Tiny House Bar in the Little Bohemian neighborhood serves wine, beer and seasonal craft cocktails. This tiny house is 110 years old and is Omaha’s only drive-in bar. If you choose to go in for a drink, you’ll love to peek into each room and see the different themes.

Accommodation: Where to Stay in Omaha

Willow Valley Farm

Willow Valley Farms is owned by a married couple on 40 acres along the Elkhorn River. The farm houses the world’s largest herd of San Clemente Island goats, as well as other animals such as peacocks.

If you are looking for a place to stay, the farm has three small houses. Each A-frame has a queen size bed and running water – providing a wonderful, comfortable getaway in the countryside.

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