Disney Dream Valley Makes Money Faster

Disney Dream Valley Coins: Make Money Quickly

Are you ready to dive into the Disney Dream Valley game? A hybrid of adventure and The Sims, full of quests, exploration and lots of exciting activities? To enjoy the game, you must earn and collect as many stars as possible to buy beautiful clothes, unlock features and upgrade your house. So, today we’ll take a look at the best ways to make quick money in Disney’s Valley of Dreams and upgrade our gameplay.

The protagonists of the story are Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse, inspired by the Mickey Mouse cartoon. It has all the possible things a Disney fan can expect. If you’re fairly new to the game, check out our Disney Dreamlight Review guide for a better understanding.

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How to Make Money Fast in Disney’s Fantasy Valley

At first, Disney Dream Valley might seem like a mobile game you play for 10 minutes in your spare time. But hold on! This game is much more than that. Real-time graphics, extraordinary visuals, exciting characters and game mechanics are more than just a mobile game.

At the beginning of the game, you can complete small tasks, make friends, clear thorns, and get some gold coins. After that, you can learn and unlock farming, fishing, gem mining, cooking, and more. Here are all the possible ways you can get some extra cash and meet your needs.

Sell ​​unnecessary crafting materials

It is recommended to reserve the stack for future missions and challenges. But if you have a bunch of extra crafting materials at the start of the game, you can sell them for some money. But make sure you have enough crafting materials to keep the fun going.

Disney Dream Valley Makes Money Faster
sell unnecessary materials

Just a hint! Don’t convert your Dream Shards to Dreamlight. Multiple missions directly require Dream Fragments. However, Dreamlight is easy to get. So save the dream pieces and don’t sell or hide them.

Fruit and vegetable feed

While it’s not a way to make money, it’s a great way to get some extra cash. You can earn thousands of stars by initially growing carrots, 2200 gold for a stack of 50 carrots, and 44 gold per carrot.

You can buy carrot seeds from Goofy’s store and plant them for a decent profit when you sell them. Besides carrots, growing tomatoes can also help you get enough money to buy things and unlock future features.

Disney Dream Valley Makes Money FasterDisney Dream Valley Makes Money Faster
Feed fruits and vegetables

To get the most stars, choose Goofy as your gardening friend. Not only does it provide some useful gardening tips, but it also helps with amazing bonuses when harvesting crops. Select “Gardening Skill” as Goofy’s character skill and also select it for sowing and harvesting crops.

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Expensive and high-priced crops

The most expensive crop in Disney’s Valley of Dreams is canola. Five canola can be sold for 545 stars, and if you cook five canola and shake it, the price will soar to 565.

guard against! Not all fruits and vegetables are grown anywhere in town. You have to choose the best area to grow the desired crop. You can choose a site by viewing the map.

fishing; catching rare fish

DDV Financial GuideDDV Financial Guide
Catch rare fish!

Foraging fruits and vegetables can bring instant but less money. If you want to get big, try fishing. Catching some rare fish may take longer than farming, but it’s worth the wait. Look closely for the blue and gold circles in the water; they are hot spots for rare fish.

  • White circle: These circles in the water are worthless and the odds of catching rare fish are slim.
  • golden circle: These circles are great for fishing and have catfish inside for 500 gp.
  • blue circle: yeah! These are the circles where you want to go fishing. Chances of getting rare fish from blue circles are usually higher than from white and gold circles. For example, Swordfish can earn 700 stars, and Bream can earn 600 stars.

You can upgrade your fishing abilities by choosing fishing as your character’s ability, as you can level up your friendship with them. Invite friends who help and have a chance to catch bonus fish.

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Mining gems with a pickaxe

Once you’ve unlocked Picaxe, it’s time to look for tall black stones and smash them to get gems. Gems can be an excellent source of money, but finding and mining them is rare and challenging. Keep an eye out for the tall black rocks along the city walls; if you see them, hit them a few times with your pickaxe.

While there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a gem every time you hit a tall black rock, don’t skip any rocks, as sparkling amethysts can earn you up to 2000 stars. By mining with a professional friend, you can earn some bonus coins.

rock farm

In Disney’s Valley of Lights, some rocks offer more rewards than others, so make sure you know which ones to farm. The tall black rocks with colored dots are guaranteed to hold rare gems. Also, watch out for shiny rocks as they contain 4 times more coins than normal rocks.

Unlock characters and start cooking

After opening the castle in Disney’s Fantasy Valley, you’ll be asked to choose three realms that lead to different Disney characters: Mona, Remy, and Wall-E. Complete the quests of the characters and they will accompany you into the city.

DDV Starcoin GuideDDV Starcoin Guide

It’s best to unlock the Remy Martin character first, as it will teach you dozens of cooking recipes. Not only can they be given to characters to increase their favorability, but they can also be sold at a high price to earn considerable money.

After unlocking Remy’s shop, you’ll find ingredients like cheese, milk, butter, peanuts, and eggs. Cooking Souffle requires the following:

It’s best to collect 20k coins before starting the Souffle Cooking. You can get 20x milk, 20x butter, 20x eggs and 20x cheese for 16.4k coins. Make 20 souffles and go to Goofy’s cart to sell the meal. 20 Souffles will be sold for 24.6k coins. So, you will get a profit of 8.2k coins. You can cook ten souffles and the payoff will be 4.1k coins. Continue to cook the soufflé, sell it to Goofy, and pile up the cash.

high-paying meal

Another great 5 star recipe is Ratatouille, which you can cook to make thousands of stars. This recipe requires unique ingredients cooked in a specific way to create a 5-star meal. Remy implies that the recipe is spices, vegetables and memories. So, the recipe will include these:

  • oregano
  • onion
  • zucchini
  • eggplant
  • tomato

Pick your ingredients and follow the recipe to get a 5-star rating. There are dozens of other valuable recipes in Remy Martin. Choose the best, cook to earn stars.

Some ingredients, like peanuts, require Remy’s Friendship quest to unlock. Therefore, a healthy friendship with Remy is recommended for better chefs and 5 star meals. Look for high-paying recipes like Smoked Peanuts and Anglerfish; each can set you back 22,000.

wrap up

Disney’s Optics Valley is a never-ending adventure of exploration and challenge that will transport you into fantasy. Follow these invaluable guidelines to make money and get rich faster in Disney Dream Valley so you can stand out more in the game and stand out from your peers!

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