Disney Dream Optics Valley: How to Make Money Fast (Starcoin)

Disney Dream Valley The laid-back Animal Crossing-style experience that Disney fans have been dreaming of, lets you build an idyllic village and hang out with characters like Mickey, Wall-E, Belle, and more. Of course, if you really want to bring Dream Valley back to its former glory, you’ll need a lot of money, known in the game as Star Coins.

Dreamlights are used to open new parts of the map, while Star Coins are used to buy new clothes, furniture, open new buildings, and more.With that in mind, here are some tips to get your money-making off to a good start Disney Dream Valley.

Clear Night Thorns

when you first arrive Dream Valley, black thorns will grow all over the place, every subsequent area you unlock.One of your first tasks should be removing thorns, not only because they make it difficult to move around, but because They can also generate a lot of stars. To clear the thorn, just walk to it and press X on PlayStation, A on Xbox, or LMB on PC to use magic.

Most of the time, a thorn will give you a small amount of stars, but sometimes, if you’re lucky, they drop a chest that yields more or a certain resource (like rocks).If you collect more resources than you need, you can simply Sell ​​resources to Goofy at his booth for more money. Every little bit helps.

Mining and selling gems

The main way you make Coins is by collecting rare resources and selling them to Goofy. One of the best resources is minerals, which are mined from the rocks on the walls of the Valley of Dreams. Each gem will bring you 200-300 starssometimes you get a gem Rare, yields 700-900 coins.

Look for black rocks against cliffs and walls. If you don’t see gems poking out of the rock, that doesn’t mean you can’t find them. Every stone you mine has a chance to yield gemsif you and a have mining skillsthey can even give you extra gems.

Once you reach friendship level 2 with any character, you can choose a skill for them to have, so Make sure at least one friend has the mining skill. Then simply talk to the character and select the “We should hang out” dialogue option to bring them along.

Catch and sell fish

Fishing is easier to make money than mining because you can always catch fish. You can fish on the grass near the square, almost anywhere you can open up later. However, Dazzle Beach is the best place to get there earlyas it only requires 1,000 Dreamlights to open.

instead of just throwing your line anywhere in the water, Aim for the bubble circle in the water. Hold X, A or LMB to move your cast point and aim it anywhere in the bubble circle.also pay attention blue or orange bubble circlebecause these are rare fish that can sell for more money.

For example, when Dazzle Beach is unlocked, any orange circle will spawn a Swordfish, which sells for 750 stars each. Of course, you can also use fish in cooking recipes, so you may want to keep at least one pair and sell the rest.

Complete Remy’s quests and cook expensive food

Another great way to earn extra cash is cook four or five star meals, and then sold at Goofy’s stall for quite a few stars.While technically you can make a delicious meal with any number of ingredients, if you go Ratatioulle field and get Remy in your village.

Early in the story, you can choose one of three areas to visit for free, one of which is Ratatouille.The other two realms can still be accessed by paying 3000 Dreamlight, but You’d better choose Ratioulle first.

Once you get Remy to Dreamlight Valley and help him open his restaurant, you’ll be able to buy valuable ingredients like butter, cheese, milk, and eggs, which will allow you to make better, more valuable recipes. Take these ingredients and use them to make high-star recipes that you can sell for a decent profit.

Here’s everything you need to know about making more money fast Disney Dream Valley. Now that you’re earning stars, you can open up new areas, buy new clothes, buy more furniture, and more without worrying about going broke. Be sure to check out GameSkinny for more tips and walkthroughs.

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