Dirty fight for money between Black Lives Matter factions

On September 1, 26 chapters of Black Lives Matter Grassroots filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court accusing executives of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) of illegally “sucking” $10 million in donations.

In addition to condemning much of the BLMGNF’s leadership, the lawsuit alleges that the head of the BLMGNF, Shalomyah Bowers and his Bowers Consulting firm, misappropriated millions of dollars from the BLM’s coffers, using the organization as their own “personal piggy bank.” .

The day after the lawsuit was filed, Melina Abdullah, co-founder of BLM’s Los Angeles chapter and co-director of BLM Grassroots, held a press conference announcing the lawsuit, alleging that Powers pays herself annually over $2 million.

Following Abdullah’s press conference, the BLMGNF board issued an official statement denying the allegations against Bowers and other leaders and calling the lawsuit “another round of the fight for ‘control’ of the BLM.” It called the allegations “defamatory and unsubstantiated”.

The board countersued Abdullah and other BLM grassroots leaders, alleging they received $10,000 a month in personal allowances, secretly retreated to Jamaica, and deducted the wages of BLM agents because they or a family member contracted COVID-19.

The BLMGNF statement is excerpted from a January 2022 letter from BLM grassroots leaders detailing “the financial misconduct, unprincipled decision-making and grievances rooted in retaliation and intimidation against Melina Abdullah.” Countless allegations of leadership style”.

The controversy surrounding the lawsuit is just the latest in a long line of scandals involving BLM’s finances. Amid protests over the brutal 2020 police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, bourgeois media and Democrats promote Black Lives Matter and its leaders as the property of millions The official voice of racial and ethnic protests against police brutality. The promotion is accompanied by official recognition and substantial cash donations from US businesses to BLM.

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