Diamondbacks players express concerns over use of pitch clock

DENVER — At Triple-A Reno this year, Diamondbacks right-hander Ryne Nelson would sometimes shrug off a catcher’s call and then shuffle another. Before the two could agree, the pitch clock was already in his mind.

“You might end up pitching,” Nelson said. “You don’t want to pitch.”

That’s on the minds of Diamondbacks pitchers Friday after the commissioner’s office announced rule changes that will go into effect in the majors next season, including the use of pitching clocks, shift restrictions and greater enforcement. base.

Diamondbacks right pitcher Zach Gallen said the clock — which would give pitchers and batters 15 seconds between pitches at open bases and 20 seconds in the case of runners — — may affect him multiple times in a single night. He described a scene he said happened to him and catcher Carson Kelly, perhaps once in another inning.

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