’s CEO on delivering great customer service

Dragomir Zhelev, CEO and Founder of, a company providing innovative and customized cloud solutions to clients for more than 12 years. He has devoted much of his life to the development of technology and cloud systems that encourage innovation and allow businesses to scale quickly for long-term growth.

Founded in 2009, is one of the leading hosting companies in the field of cloud computing in Bulgaria. It offers a wide variety of personal and heterogeneous hosting solutions, while supporting and managing private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud solutions.

The company is dedicated to its founding mission of providing and ensuring fast, reliable and responsive customer service. Their data center is Equinix, a Tier 3+ infrastructure. This guarantees uninterrupted connectivity and access to information. Relying on constant innovation,’s team consists of more than 30 highly qualified professionals, guaranteeing privacy and supporting your projects according to world best practices and standards.

In this interview, we find out what does do, how does impact business growth, and how is the cloud industry constantly transforming? We also learned the importance of prioritizing customer service and some tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur in this industry.

recursion: Recently, announced the integration of OpenStack into its infrastructure. Can you share more information about this cloud computing platform?

Dragomirzhelev: OpenStack is an open source cloud computing platform that uses shared virtual resources to customize and manage private and public cloud systems. In fact, open-source platforms make the automation of tasks straightforward, giving customers greater freedom to access their resources—thus improving job performance.

OpenStack can be broken down into three general types—public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. Therefore, we decided to integrate the system into our company’s structure, since it allows flexibility to increase the productivity of the server.

The new service of is mainly aimed at improving the privacy and security of customers. Thus, it will allow customers to automate and improve their processes and productivity.

To improve the efficiency of IT teams, the term DevOps was introduced. It is a collection of tools that help software companies provide fast and reliable services. Additionally, it allows customers to provide feedback and optimize their processes by automating new services without human intervention.

Over the years, the cloud computing platform has been recognized by well-known companies around the world. One of them is NASA, which uses the software to boost and manage its cloud.

Over the past 13 years, your company has helped hundreds of companies succeed by providing cloud services. How has the industry changed?

The cloud computing industry is in constant transformation. However, it has changed the most in terms of user accessibility. When we entered the business in 2009, customers could only use one virtual server. Over the years, many cloud service providers have opened up their servers to users. Now, users can access their cloud from anywhere, requiring only an Internet connection.

In recent years, cloud scalability has been improved and promoted more and more, which is the main driver of its popularity among enterprises. Furthermore, the integration of monitoring systems that analyze and check whether specific resources can be utilized makes scaling a fast and reliable process.

How do you see the future of this industry?

Similar to other industries, the continuous evolution of the cloud has enabled the use of new technologies. According to my expertise, the future will inevitably witness the more frequent use of artificial intelligence. For example, in a recent interview with the CEO of Nvidia, a state-of-the-art graphics card was shown that can send information directly to the cloud. Thus, cloud storage will be able to make autonomous decisions to increase the productivity and automation of processes.

You founded more than ten years ago. What was your vision for the company’s development at that time? How have your plans changed over the years?

Back in 2009, my idea was to focus on cloud computing services and provide consistently great customer service. However, adhering to customer feedback and satisfying their needs has always been our primary goal.

Over the years, many hosting providers failed to provide high-quality customer service and failed to manage to expand their business. Our business industry is demanding – it needs constant innovation, fast service and process automation that keeps it falling behind the competition. What keeps us alive is our drive to listen to our customers and strive to provide them with the leading and most revolutionary technological innovations.

It is generally accepted that customer service is the key to success in the web hosting industry. How does this affect the development of your company?

Some of the challenges that have arisen in our industry are related to hiring experts in cloud computing because of their high training and certification costs. Also, keeping them motivated is another hurdle business owners have to face. Luckily, we’re in Delta. bg has never had this problem as we present new and different clients and projects every day. With the rapid development of technology making it mandatory for our company to train and certify employees, we should be prepared to understand the expanding technology market in order to provide excellent customer service.

Delta’s main goal is to provide exceptional quality and responsiveness in customer support. Our main competitive advantage is treating each client’s project as our own. Our goal is to make sure everyone gets a fair smile and respect: “If you want to inspire change in people, change yourself first.” And, from’s point of view, providing solutions, offering advice, putting options Giving power to customers is the secret of success.

Can you share some key stats/milestones the company has reached since its inception?

In 2013/2014 we completed the acquisition of a new brand called, an optimized high-speed hosting provider. We started offering fast and efficient hosting services to small and medium businesses, which allowed us to expand our marketplace offerings. Furthermore, in order to appear at the top of Google search results, we acknowledge the importance of having a user-friendly, fast and responsive website.

Currently, our clients are enjoying cutting-edge technologies as is one of the few companies that offers them. For us at, improving the quality and productivity of our services is the basis for our growth and that of our clients.

Another milestone was when my business partner and I decided to part ways. All responsibility for the company was given to me. In order to provide adequate customer service, I must be on call at all times. So this required an increase in the workforce and we succeeded in building a real principle of teamwork.

Some of the challenges that have arisen in our industry are related to hiring experts in cloud computing because of their high training and certification costs. Also, keeping them motivated is another hurdle business owners have to face. Luckily, we at never had this problem because we present new and diverse projects and clients every day. With technology rapidly evolving and our company making it mandatory to train and certify employees, we should be prepared to understand the ever-expanding technology market.

A managed service provider exhibition in Europe not long ago inspired me to start offering service management, which turned out to be an excellent move to meet the emerging needs in Bulgaria at the time.

Can you share an interesting story about working with a client?

One of our main partners is Technopolis, a Bulgarian hypermarket offering a wide range of consumer electronics. They struggled to meet the high customer demand on Black Friday. We all know that an event like this attracts a lot of online customers in a short period of time and all require adequate customer service. In cases where the hosting provider is unable to absorb requests and customer traffic, this can lead to significant losses for the business in terms of advertising, human resources, and not being able to turn a profit from the sale.

Working with Technopolis for many years, we have managed to increase our productivity and the level of customer service we provide. To meet the growing demand, decided to install a service cluster called light-speed, which allows hundreds of servers to work together to increase overall productivity. Essentially, the server ensures that each client has access to a highly responsive Internet site that meets the client’s needs at lightning speed. In the case of Technopolis, this innovation proved to be very beneficial.

Since our partnership with Technopolis, it has been an interesting trend to observe that they tend to provide great customer service and manage to meet the high demand from customers for various events like Black Friday. However, it is worth mentioning that this requires constant monitoring and attention to see if all servers are functioning properly. For overload situations, should respond quickly to resolve the issue and find the necessary solutions, otherwise one anomaly could bring down the entire system. We are fortunate to share that we managed to develop an efficient operating system and Technopolis is satisfied with the results obtained.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs when starting a business in this industry?

Be persistent. When a problem arises, find a way to solve it, every problem has it. Solving a problem may require a different approach.

Customer-centric to ensure that each customer’s needs and requirements are met. Because when our clients, and our relationships with them, thrive, our business follows that path. Without big customers, the company cannot be big.

Be prepared to sacrifice your personal time. Constantly educate yourself. As the world changes with each passing day, new technological innovations and competitors are constantly emerging. Therefore, we should be adaptable and flexible to respond to each situation that arises.

Your entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 16. What is the most important lesson you have learned during this time?

I learned that things don’t always turn out the way we want them to. I have always been an impatient person. Therefore, one of the most valuable lessons for me has been learning how to embrace patience. I see the beauty behind waiting for the right moment, perseverance, and learning how to empathize with our clients and colleagues.

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