Cloud Hosting Services – Benefits for MSPs

Over the years, cloud hosting has evolved into a powerful way to host websites and online services that require higher levels of performance, reliability, and scalability.

What is Cloud Hosting Service?

Cloud hosting services give you access to powerful, scalable, and reliable hosting services deployed on an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model of load-balanced servers, often spread across multiple data centers across the country or around the world.

They are offered by cloud hosting providers and managed service providers to businesses of all sizes.

Cloud hosting services are often used by large corporations, educational institutions, medical services, government services or other organizations, and cloud hosting companies can provide a set of services with practical “pay-as-you-go” billing.

cloud hosting service

Cloud hosting services can be configured to provide the level of performance, security, redundancy and control customers require. They can more easily manage peak loads and are more resilient if part of the cloud hosting service experiences a hardware, software or power related outage.

As always, the quality of the hardware used in the data center your cloud hosting service uses will determine the overall quality of your cloud hosting service, but it also depends on the level of service you require.

Cheaper server hardware won’t be as powerful as the enterprise-grade physical and virtual servers powering your cloud hosting service, but this will be reflected in the pricing and your cloud hosting provider will be able to guide you to get the best service for you .

How is this different from traditional hosting?

Traditional hosts are generally deployed on a single server. While that server in the data center can still host a series of websites separate from your own via a virtual server running on a single piece of hardware, a single server represents a single point of failure.

What are examples of cloud-hosted sites and services?

Web-based cloud applications are built to run and access their functionality across multiple servers, some of which can be dedicated to specific parts of the application.

A good example is Google, which runs on servers and data centers widely distributed around the world, Google services are rarely interrupted, and Google’s speed is consistent. Other obvious examples are Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Instagram, Spotify, Netflix and similar online services.

That said, you don’t have to serve millions or billions of users to reap the benefits of cloud hosting services, and you can take better advantage if your business or organization has a website and/or online service that meets your needs This service serves a large number of users.

What are the major hosting control panels and billing systems offered by cloud hosting services and hosting providers?

For over 20 years, cPanel has been trusted globally as the industry-leading platform, backed by world-class support, to create an exceptional hosting experience.

Plesk is a leading WebOps hosting platform for running, automating and growing applications, websites and hosting businesses, and is an OS-agnostic platform.

WHMCS is the leading web hosting billing automation platform powering tens of thousands of web hosting companies with a mission to simplify and automate every aspect of their operations.

Hostbill is a powerful and flexible all-in-one automation, billing, customer management and online business support platform.

CloudBlue is a hyperscale digital platform with a massive ecosystem, proven go-to-market services and a platform that helps clients simplify cloud operations, save time, money and revolutionize their business overnight.

Racknap is a billing and provisioning platform that provides cloud billing and provisioning services for direct CSPs, indirect providers, and indirect resellers. is a CSP automation platform for provisioning, sales and billing of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Acronis Backup, Google Workspace and more.

Resello’s platform helps VARs, MSPs, Telcos, web hosts and ISVs to successfully run cloud businesses and enables partners to manage customers and offer products and usage in one place.

The list goes on, Acronis works with all the important major players.

How does Acronis CyberCloud help cloud hosting and managed service providers secure their hosting infrastructure and provide data protection services?

Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud offers native integrations with 29 applications from leading partners, all designed to make cyber protection of your services simple, efficient and secure. Here are the details about managed services cloud hosting and how cloud hosting service providers can benefit.

1. Service automation

Here we have eight integrations that provide service automation capabilities in Acronis and third-party platforms, as well as various parts of the Acronis Cyber ​​Protection solution.

Intercommunication cloud

The integration of with Acronis CyberCloud provides service providers and resellers with a risk-free, cost-effective, time-saving and user-friendly cloud backup, disaster recovery and file access, sync and share sales experience.


Allows you to expand your service portfolio and increase customer value by offering cloud backup as a service as a comprehensive, simple, complete and cost-effective hybrid backup and recovery solution. Acronis Backup Cloud is a best-in-class data protection solution ideal for creating new revenue streams – with zero entry costs.

Activity platform

ActivePlatform is a full-service automated cloud brokerage solution for cloud service provider and government clouds, making it easier to manage and control cloud delivery and business profitability.


Automate billing and provisioning of Acronis Cyber ​​Protection services, including backup, file sync and share, notarization, disaster recovery services, through the web hosting billing and automation platform WHMCS.


A comprehensive platform that enables you to sell any type of 1st or 3rd party product, on any device, through any channel. AppDirect is an end-to-end commerce platform for success in the digital economy.

hosting bill

HostBill’s Acronis module gives you the opportunity to sell and automatically provision and manage (activate, suspend, unsuspend, terminate) Acronis BaaS end-user and reseller accounts with flexible package sales.

cloud blue

Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud supports the Application Packaging Standard (APS) and supports extensive integration to automate data protection, multiple storage options, and the ability to meter agent deployment across workstations, servers, and virtual machines.

take a nap

RackNap is a cloud service delivery, billing and configuration automation platform for cloud providers offering Acronis cybersecurity solutions and cloud services from Microsoft and AWS, and works with selling cloud and non-cloud services. It enables cloud service providers (CSPs) to deliver cloud services with seamless automation and powerful management.

2. Data sources

Acronis and third parties support other data sources that can benefit from Acronis Cyber ​​Protection solutions.


The Acronis Backup extension for Plesk provides reliable cloud and local backup for Plesk web hosting servers, as well as granular self-service recovery of files, databases and mailboxes.

control panel

Acronis Backup Plug-in for WHM and cPanel provides reliable cloud and local backup for cPanel web hosting servers, as well as granular self-service recovery of cPanel accounts, files, databases and mailboxes.

Cloud Linux OS

CloudLinux OS is a super platform for shared hosting stability and efficiency, designed to meet the unique needs of web hosting and designed for shared hosting providers. It isolates each customer into a separate “Lightweight Virtualization Environment” (LVE), which partitions, allocates, and limits server resources such as memory, CPU, and connections for each tenant.

Microsoft 365

Keep your Microsoft data under your own control with easy-to-use and secure cloud-to-cloud backup. Acronis solutions ensure compliance, fast access to backed up Microsoft 365 data, and greatly improved RTO (Recovery Time Objective).

google workspace

Protect your Google Workspace data stored in Gmail, Drive, Contacts and Calendar from threats with easy-to-use, efficient and secure cloud backup.


Integrations and tools enable deeper integration of events, ticketing and management in popular RMM and PSA systems with Acronis Cyber ​​Protection solutions. RMM is Remote Monitoring Management and PSA is Professional Services Automation.

ConnectWise Automation

The Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud Add-on for ConnectWise Automate enables users to set up backup protection with Acronis Cyber ​​Protection, protecting devices from data loss, ransomware, and more. You can also monitor activity and alerts across all data sources, develop predefined backup reports, and configure all cloud services through the ConnectWise Automate interface.

ConnectWise Administration

Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud integration with ConnectWise Manage enables users to service new and existing customers, automate billing, monitor and automatically create tickets for failed backup and recovery operations.

automatic tasks

Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud integration with Autotask PSA enables users to service new and existing customers, automate billing, monitor and automatically create tickets for failed backup and recovery operations and quoting-related issues, monitor backup status, and more.

ConnectWise Control

The integration of ConnectWise Control and Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud enables a fast, reliable and secure cyber protection solution. With ConnectWise Control, service providers can simplify and scale their services through remote installation, update backup agents on individual machines or groups of machines, apply backup plans and proactive protection plans to customer machines, and provide integrated monitoring status and alerts.


Coming Soon – Atera is billed as the ultimate all-in-one RMM software suite for MSPs and IT professionals. With the Atera and Acronis integration, the background operations of your network protection solution can be automated. This includes Atera-managed backup configuration, backup status, and backup ticket workflow across endpoints.

4. Destination of data

Support for storing data managed by Acronis Cyber ​​Protection solutions in other data destinations.

Whether it is Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud, IIJ, Softlayer,

Cloudian or Wasabi storage, you can deploy and configure Acronis Backup Gateway using pre-built integrations and your subscription to one or more of these services.

5. IaaS solutions


Create your own public, private, and hybrid cloud services using your infrastructure, hyperscale infrastructure, and customer data centers, with secure role-based access controls, intuitive self-service, flexible billing, and integration with Acronis Backup and other third-party Easy integration of 3-party solutions.

6. Security Services

Immunity 360

Imunify360 is an automated security solution powered by AI and proactive defense that protects your web servers from infection, maintains a secure kernel, and keeps you informed. It is billed as a next-generation security solution built for Linux VPS, dedicated and shared servers. It uses herd immunity and a unique proactive approach to provide comprehensive protection against known and unknown attacks.

in conclusion

Acronis Network Cloud Solutions are the proven solutions that managed services and cloud hosting providers need to deliver a broad range of next-generation cyber protection services to customers around the world.

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