CEO Interview: Game Server Lead Elevates Minecraft and Other Community Gaming Experiences

Video games are all the rage. The new report reveals the huge global demand for gaming, with more than half of the world’s population (52%) now playing games, and the majority of them (a full 77%) are playing multiplayer games. Ancillary trends bode well for gaming’s continued growth, such as the recently released Metaverse market forecast of $678.8 billion and a separate finding that the global Web 3.0 market size is expected to reach $81 billion by 2030.

With the holidays fast approaching and gaming solutions on the rise, I reached out to Max Podkidkin, Co-Founder and CEO of BisectHosting, Head of Games Technology, for some insights and tips specifically related to an emerging trend: game server hosting. While applicable to a range of games, the one clearly driving (and clearly benefiting from) the private game server category is Minecraft, currently the number one game in the world and by far the best-selling game in the industry.

Max Podkidkin, Co-founder and CEO of BisectHosting

MK: First, what differentiates a game server hosted by a company like yours from other types of servers?

MP: Instead of providing typical web hosting services for website pages and other internet-based content, we specialize in game servers. Game servers have their own technical and security considerations, so using a game-specific hosting company can significantly simplify and speed up the consumer experience while protecting users’ custom content. Additionally, our support staff is made up of gamers who are familiar with the games we host and are trained to handle the challenges game server hosting can present. This, especially combined, is something you don’t get at typical hosting companies.

MK: More and more gamers are looking to have their own game servers. In short, what do you think is the best reason to do this?

Congressman: With so many people playing video games around the world these days and nearly 80% of them playing online with others, having a game server is perfect for those who want to play remotely with friends and family, or even join random servers to play . Play with strangers and eventually become friends. Starting your own game server is a great way to build your own little community – it’s also private and fully user-controlled.

MK: With the privacy and closed-loop advantages of having your own game servers, why would anyone want to use a third-party server hosting company?

Congressman: although it is It is possible to host a server at home on your computer, and then you will have to worry about keeping your computer running 24/7. Not only does this have an impact on energy costs, which can get very expensive, but many internet providers are starting to limit the amount of bandwidth their customers can use each month and charging more for users who violate their usage benchmarks. Then there are the technical considerations, like having to go into the router settings to change the network configuration, which has the potential to completely disrupt the home connection. With third-party server hosting, gamers don’t need to worry about any of this, and can enjoy a turnkey private community experience in seconds, allowing them to start playing almost instantly. And, going back to the controls, then you can manage who joins which games are hosted on the server.

MK: Are there any benefits of private hosting to the gaming experience itself?

Congressman: Absolutely. On the one hand, you or others you authorize can also install add-ons or mod packs, which are like different pieces of software made by members of the community that completely change the game for which the game was created. So instead of getting people bored with the old normal Minecraft, on your own server you can allow the installation of these different features that completely change the game and make it very different from the original. This keeps things fresh, interesting and challenging.

When you have your own server with a reputable hosting company, you can have complete peace of mind and control. You can add and remove elements from the game, choose who joins what, set your own narrative, and more. Overall, you can make your game world whatever you want. With Minecraft, especially where the world is procedurally generated, you can team up with friends and family to build a world that will last for many years. It’s a great way to build a community with people you like.

MK: How do you make game server hosting not only fun and successful, but also safe?

Congressman: Yes, third-party servers are best housed in specialized data centers with multiple layers of physical, on-site, and software-driven security. Even getting into these facilities often requires ID checks and even fingerprinting, and cellphones and cameras are often not allowed in the data centers. Then there is the network security protocol layer. It is important to do due diligence on hosting providers to ensure they are reputable and that management is accessible and experienced in the field. Unfortunately, in this space, I have seen many companies come and go, sometimes run by very young, inexperienced kids with no real business acumen. And, of course, it’s imperative to make sure your data on the server is safe, because you’re giving these companies not only reams of personal and financial information, but your server’s data as well. Sadly, I’ve seen companies go out of business, players lose all their data and lose their game worlds. This is very frustrating for someone who has worked with their friends or family for a long time building their world together and then suddenly loses everything.

MK: How about customer service, for that matter. I understand your belief that the entire game server hosting industry has been lacking in customer service standards. Can you elaborate?

Congressman: Yes, I actually had my own Minecraft server hosted by a company before starting this company and had a lot of problems with customer service. So, I personally understand consumer mentality and historical service deficiencies. Now, as the owner and operator of my own game server company, we go out of our way to satisfy our users. This includes bundled features from other game server hosting providers for an additional fee. Instead, we offer packages that package everything together to make things simpler and more cost-effective. We offer 24/7 support, and our customers receive an average response to their support tickets within 15 minutes, day or night. Also our support never tells a customer “we don’t know about” a problem…it’s either escalated and we look it up, or fix it some other way as quickly as possible so we don’t leave unresolved issues over time long.

Of course, keeping your data safe is mission critical, so please back up all of our servers daily. So if you install a plugin or mod, mess up a config file, or if someone accidentally or maliciously deletes part or all of the world, that server owner can restore up to 7 days of backups and save a lot of trouble and anxiety. We are also the only server company that stores the files of all canceled servers for approximately two years. So it can be very nostalgic and exciting for customers who used to use servers with us to come back two full years later and literally pick up where they left off – especially if it’s a group of old friends getting together again and want to restart their servers.

The community aspect is huge when it comes to games, especially Minecraft. In fact, Minecraft (and of course Max’s server hosting company) wouldn’t be what it is today without the public side of the experience. With this in mind, Max has driven his company to give back to the community at large and participate in numerous charities such as Gamers Outreach – a charity that empowers hospitalized families through gaming.

According to escalating statistics, it’s clear that today’s gamers are more connected than ever. Having achieved critical mass benchmarks, consumers can now upgrade their dedicated server hosting game and ease their team participation urges easily, quickly, securely, reliably and cost-effectively. It’s a win-win situation.


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