Cathedral Office Manager – Bishop Press Service

job title: Cathedral Office Management

report to: Dean of Trinity Cathedral

Hour: 40 hours per week, primarily in the Cathedral Office; schedule will be determined in collaboration with the Dean.

Additional compensation time may be required during church holidays or special events.

compensation: $18.00-23.00/hour range depending on experience, plus additional benefit packages.

Employment classification: non-exempt

Job Summary: The Cathedral Office Manager (OM) manages the operations of the Cathedral in partnership with the Dean, Cathedral staff, and Cathedral Chapters, primarily in the areas of office management, facilities management, staff management, strategic planning, event management, and communications. OM provides general office and staff support to parishes, staff, cathedral chapters, congregations, and committees in support of Trinity Cathedral’s mission and ministry. The OM will serve as a support and resource person for members and non-members and provide a warm and responsive presence in the cathedral office.

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  1. Welcome character and willingness to serve all who come to Trinity Cathedral
  2. Effective communication skills, including strong writing and grammar skills
  3. able to maintain strict confidentiality
  4. Strong organizational skills, including the ability to manage workload and take initiative
  5. Proficient with the Office suite and experience with MailChimp, WordPress and database applications
  6. Must pass a background check, take anti-racism classes, and maintain a “Maintenance” certificate.
  7. Some ministry experience, paid or unpaid (preferred)
  8. Some knowledge of Anglican government (preferred)

Basic Responsibilities:

Cathedral Support

  1. Provides a warm and helpful presence in the cathedral office
  2. Respond to requests for information and resources by email, phone, and in-person visits
  3. Build and maintain relationships with cathedral congregations and parish leadership

Administrative support

  1. Provide administrative support to cathedral chapters and various committees (i.e. prepare and distribute documents, schedule meetings, etc.)
  2. Maintain supplier relationships and coordinate with suppliers commissioned by the Dean and the Building and Grounds Committee
  3. Order supplies and equipment as needed and authorized
  4. Produce rosters, letters and other documents including monthly volunteer lists, annual reports, transfer letters, filing requests, parish reports, etc.
  5. Classifies incoming mail and assists with cathedral mail
  6. Maintain and manage the cathedral calendar
  7. Maintain columbarium records, including overseeing the sale of columbarium niches, purchasing urns, carving panels, coordinating with families and funeral homes, and columbarium policies and procedures
  8. Provide support to financial administrators and chapter committees as needed
  9. Additional Responsibilities Added by the Dean

Information management and communication support

  1. Develop and maintain functional systems for communicating with the parish
  2. Maintain parish records, including financial, membership, parish, physical plant and other operational data
  3. Produce reports, catalogs, and other documents from parish records in a timely manner under the direction of deans, cathedral chapters, and committee leaders
  4. Coordinate parish calendars to facilitate use of buildings by internal and authorized external groups
  5. Produce and distribute weekly e-newsletters and monthly parish newsletters via email and regular mail
  6. Assist in the preparation and distribution of marketing materials as directed
  7. Ensure posted signage is regularly updated to reflect current events and activities

Digital management and support

  1. Monitor and maintain the Church’s online presence (website and social media pages, online advertising, etc.)
  2. Monitoring Cathedral computer network hardware, software and contracts with technology vendors

ceremonial support

  1. Assist in the preparation and proofreading of worship materials and announcements for Sunday morning and other services
  2. Work with the clergy to collect, consolidate, and prepare the prayers of the people each Sunday
  3. Prepare printable announcements for each Sunday service of celebrants
  4. Prepare flower donation information and Christmas and Easter flower and music commemorations
  5. Assist in coordinating lectures and ministry schedules

Volunteer Support

  1. Assist with recruiting, coordinating and scheduling volunteers as needed under the direction of deans, clergy and committee leaders
  2. Assist in coordinating special events
  3. Develop and distribute various volunteer schedules in consultation with cathedral clergy

Events and Hospitality Support

  1. Develop and maintain functional systems for hosting events in the Cathedral
  1. Oversee and manage the cathedral events calendar, with the goal of expanding the number of events held at the cathedral
  2. Oversee the activities of the Cathedral, including managing essential staff and volunteers
  3. Communicate regularly with clergy, staff and priests regarding facility-related needs, including set-up and clean-up for special events
  4. Coordinate parish calendars to facilitate use of buildings by internal and authorized external groups.
  5. Serve as the main point of contact for the planning, promotion and organization of cathedral events
  6. Coordinate with cathedral staff, volunteers and clients to manage billing, staffing and specific event needs
  7. Create and assign key codes as needed to external groups, volunteers, and new employees. Keep records of key codes.Maintain and distribute cathedral keys as needed


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