Editorials use only obligatory credit: Photo: Joe Pepler/PinPep/Shutterstock (13371013f) SodaStream presents the ultimate soda glass; featuring a core bubble base and many other carefully chosen elements, making it the perfect choice for enjoying soda.

Can SodaStream really save you money?

Joe Pepler/PinPep/Shutterstock/Joe Pepler/PinPep/Shutterstock

SodaStream offers consumers the opportunity to make their own sparkling water using its line of soda machines and flavors. Since 1903, the company has been bringing home carbonation technology to life while eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles as part of its environmental initiatives. According to its website, the company is committed to “helping people drink more water and live healthier lives while protecting the environment from the harmful effects of single-use plastics.”

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While the company strives to rethink the beverage industry with greener initiatives, the cost of their products may make customers wary of switching to making soda at home. For a deeper look at how their products work and how much they cost compared to regular sodas, let’s dig into SodaStream to find out if this beverage maker will actually save you money.

Below are the costs of investing in SodaStream

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy a good soda or soda on a certain occasion. Home machines like the SodaStream are gaining popularity these days, allowing you to become a bartender and make your own fizzy drinks right from the kitchen. However, this convenience comes at a price.

SodaStream soda machines start at $99.99 for the Terra machine and $159.99 for the Aqua Fizz. To keep these machines producing soda, users must also regularly purchase CO2 cylinders to continue making custom sodas. Each soda maker is compatible with one of two cylinders available on the site, with a quick connect system ($29.99) or a classic spin-in system ($29.99), and each cylinder can make up to 15 gallons of soda.

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After purchasing your first cylinder, you can continue to save on container costs by exchanging that cylinder for a full one for $14.99 each. You can exchange in-store to avoid shipping; however, if there is no store near you, shipping will cost an additional $14.99.

If you like sparkling water, then you only need to buy these two. But if you’re looking for flavored sodas, you can buy popular soda flavors like Sierra Mist, Cherry Coke, Pepsi, and other fruit extracts for your SodaStream for $5 to $7 a bottle. Each 40ml bottle produces approximately 12 liters of sparkling soda.

Will SodaStream save you money in the long run?

You can save up to 26 cents per liter with your home machine when you compare the price of store-bought soda to SodaStream.

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“It costs about $1.05 for a liter of regular soda in the store, which is more expensive than a designer soda if you’re very particular,” said Melanie Hanson, editor-in-chief of EDI Refinance. “A liter of SodaStream, including flavoring, costs about $1.05. It’s 79 cents. SodaStream machine, including bottle, sells for about $135. Do all this math and you get a breakeven point of 522 liters of soda. That’s a lot of soda – probably more than one person can do in a year Drink it unless they have a very strong habit. That being said, it makes sense for those heavy soda drinkers or multi-person households.”

While 26 cents might not seem like much of a difference, if you’re an avid soda lover, it can really add up and lead to big savings in the long run. But if you only see yourself using the SodaStream at parties or on rare occasions, you’re better off buying soda from the store whenever your fizzy craving hits.

Does SodaStream taste better?

Due to the high price point of soda machines, one can only hope that SodaStream drinks will taste as good as regular store soda—if not better. However, depending on your taste buds, you may have other opinions.

“Many people believe that store-bought carbonated drinks taste better than those made at home using SodaStream machines,” said Oberon Copeland, CEO of Very Informed. “While it’s true that you can use SodaStream to carbonate juices and other flavored beverages, the results are often unpredictable and not always satisfying. But if you’re just looking for a convenient way to make soda at home, then SodaStream may be worth the investment.”

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