Call of Duty Won’t Be Exclusive Thanks to Game Pass

Since the news of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, there has been speculation that these games will somehow become exclusive to Xbox or Microsoft. After all, why spend billions of dollars on a company that makes games that run on rival hardware? Well, because of Game Pass. This little subscription service that can change the game, In this article, I will explain why call-of-duty Thanks to Game Pass, it won’t be exclusive.

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Game Pass changes the economics of exclusivity

Historically, exclusive games have made money in a very simple way. Look, games make most of their money in the first few days on the market, and if your game is available on multiple platforms, the profits you see on a particular platform go down. Therefore, we have exclusive products.

Game Pass dramatically changes this dynamic. With Game Pass, Microsoft wants people to subscribe and stay subscribed. So they made it cheap and filled its library with hugely popular games. Game Pass is a great deal, for example, many Xbox users used to buy every new game they wanted to play and now just subscribe to Game Pass.

Game Pass cuts the raw sales numbers Microsoft will see for Xbox in a pretty straightforward way. But that’s okay, since Microsoft no longer makes money by selling copies of games, Microsoft wants to make huge sums of money from Game Pass subscribers every month.

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That’s why call-of-duty Coming soon to Game Pass. cash on delivery Games are notoriously never discounted or slashed in price, and there are so many that it’s hard for fans to keep up, and it’s even harder for fans to play old games when they’re forced to buy them again for often quite a bit of bringing cash on delivery To game pass, sale cash on delivery There will be fewer games on Xbox, but more Game Pass subscribers.

That’s what Microsoft is after, and this new way to make money from their games is exactly why Microsoft will keep rolling out cash on delivery To the PlayStation, because it doesn’t matter how many copies are sold on the PlayStation, since Microsoft is no longer trying to make as much money as possible by selling copies of games.

But the game has changed a lot too, and there’s another big reason to keep Microsoft’s interests in check cash on delivery On PlayStation: Microtransactions.

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Microtransactions and Call of Duty

10 or 15 years ago, at the latest cash on delivery After it came out, Activision made almost all of its money from selling copies of the game. Sure, they make some cash from DLC packs and merchandising and exclusive content deals with console makers, but most of that revenue comes from selling games. Typically, a game will receive most of its revenue a few weeks after launch.

This is very different from today.Microtransactions account for a large proportion cash on delivery profit, that’s why war zone is the most successful call-of-duty game. Today, it’s not unreasonable for gamers to spend more than the game’s cost on microtransactions over the life of a game.

So even if Microsoft loses money selling the actual game on the PlayStation, all of those microtransaction money will still flow directly from all those PlayStation players to Activision and then to Microsoft.When you combine this with the fact that Microsoft isn’t trying to maximize profits by selling copy, keep cash on delivery It’s obvious on PlayStation. This is free money.

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Today’s Exclusive PR

Today, games are more cross-platform, cross-platform and multi-platform than ever before. You can play with more people, and games are more accessible than ever. call-of-dutyA multi-platform game in itself (and has been around for decades), it also had years of cross-play across platforms.

in any sense, make call-of-duty After so many years, the sudden exclusiveness has upset many people. There’s absolutely no reason for this move other than to make more money at the expense of making games that gamers want, and it’s really not good for Microsoft.

See, Activision is better suited for the often contentious relationship between fans and creators, because Activision makes money by selling games, and even if there are problems with games, very few people will refund them. Once it makes money, it makes money.

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Microsoft relies on the continued goodwill of its customers. They want people to pay for Game Pass every month, so if Microsoft starts making a lot of anti-consumer decisions, people will lose faith in Game Pass and start unsubscribing. Game Pass is at the heart of Microsoft’s current philosophy, so there’s little that’s worth risking Game Pass subscriber numbers.

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