Bybet launches decentralized platform in online gaming

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, Oct 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — To further illustrate the title, Bybet is a revolution in decentralized online gaming platforms, integrating with DeFi 2.0 to bring absolute fairness, transparency and unparalleled Various gaming companies, slot machines and sportsbooks for Bybetians. Proud to showcase its unique BEP20-based governance token, $BBET, which allows investors to become legitimate shareholders, participate in Bybet’s liquidity and affiliate programs, and gain active voting power in major business decisions.

Learn more about Bybet’s ecosystem

First of all, Bybet is working towards its vision of becoming one of the leading decentralized platforms in the online gaming industry, and there is no doubt that to achieve this great dream, it needs the right talent, the right funding, and the right competitive advantage.

In fact, Bybet has used a portion of the initial capital to build the team and business. This talented team has the expertise in every aspect needed to succeed, laying the foundation for a fully licensed online gaming platform with sportsbooks already available as proven by half a dozen games.

Bybet is generally decentralized, meaning there is no central authority to run the show. That’s why it offers staking pools where investors can stake their $BBET to get a return from taxes and 100% weekly profits on the Bybet platform in $BUSD. The working mechanism of these stake pools is explained as clearly as possible in the white paper. Bybet is a long-term project that puts the interests of investors first, so it looks at things and develops features and games from the perspective of giving them the most favorable conditions and maximum returns.

There are also many novel and unique functions that only Bybet can provide, which can be listed as: insurance fund, cross-chain multi-token mechanism, anti-dumping mechanism.

Bybet Token Economics and Distribution

BBET token, BEP20-based security token, is a digital asset built specifically for our platform. The $BBET token is a payment method, a way for investors to earn rewards from liquidity and affiliate programs, and a way to exercise voting rights.

Contract address: 0x3545f97A768d6e165a7395e5509Aa4cf0708E239

Token Name: Bybet Token

Token Symbol: BBET

Network: BEP-20

Total Supply: 1,200,000,000

Fair Start: 15% – 180,000,000

Ecosystem Reverse: 18% – 216,000,000

Free Bounty and Airdrop: 1% – 12,000,000

Liquidity: 20% – 240,000,000

Collateral: 21% – 252,000,000

Team: 10% – 120,000,000

Marketing: 15% – 180,000,000

According to the roadmap, the project is in the first phase, which will be carefully prepared for the fair launch of PinkSale through a large-scale marketing plan, starting with this article, and more events and partnerships in the future.

Bybet has met CoinScope’s smart contract security audit standards. Some planned timelines, such as collaborations with huge crypto influencers and communities, and AMA tours, will take the project to new heights.

For more information, potential investors can visit the official website or join Telegram or Twitter to interact with the Bybet community.

About Bybet

Bybet is the next generation decentralized online gaming platform offering an unrivaled variety of house games, slots and sportsbooks. When Bybet attaches cross-chain and multi-token mechanisms, investors can participate in all utilities using its governance token $BBET or many other cryptocurrencies. The staking function can’t be ignored either, by placing $BBET into Bybet’s staking pool, investors join forces to help maintain the value of $BBET by reducing the token’s selling power, and in return earn huge weekly returns in $BUSD.

October 28 Pink Sale fair launch:

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