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Owning an e-commerce merchandise store may seem like an easy task at first glance, but it also has difficulties. The most important thing for an ecommerce store is the speed and usability of the site – being a newbie in this field has both driven me downhill and brought me to the brink of giving up. In this review, I’ll share some tips and things that really stopped me from going crazy, and how Skystra was there to save me.

I own an electronics store where I sell custom clothing for cats, dogs and any other animal on special order. I had a freelancer build my website on Bluehost, my mid-range managed WordPress host of choice. Everything was fine in the beginning, my business exceeded my expected sales and I was very busy with my electronics business.

Little did I know there would be a time when my customers would email me complaining that they couldn’t access my site, and when they could, they couldn’t seem to order because it would keep loading and eventually kill them. After reading the mail on my phone, I immediately opened my laptop, went to Bluehost’s homepage, and contacted their live support, and surprisingly, my question was answered by a bot/bot, which gave me over and over again Same answer, thus messing with my sanity.

Then I picked up the phone and called them and thankfully they answered and assured me they would look into the matter. 2 days passed and I was sitting on the couch with a long face and slightly frustrated as to what to do next because no one from Bluehost bothered to reply.

That’s it! I decided it was time to leave Bluehost, even though I had purchased the annual plan and only used it for 5 months since then, and started looking for another one.

Choose another hosting service

I have to make sure my store is available 24/7 so I can focus more on my products and less on technical issues.I hit Google When looking for budget-friendly hosting, I was overwhelmed by the results, and frankly; it’s hard to decide with so many options.

However, after thoroughly examining their offerings, I decided to quickly and shortlist these 3 hosting providers:


The reason HostGator was shortlisted was purely because of their attractive prices and I was very close to migrating there, but somehow during my research I stumbled across that HostGator is actually owned by Bluehost or something similar. Basically, they turned out to be extensions of the same company. It was a big red signal for me and everything in my head and inside started screaming abort and that’s what I did. I removed it from my shortlist because I didn’t want to go through the same hassle over and over again.

Venue ground

SiteGround is perfect in almost every way. They offer some nice features for their price and have everything I want.

However, the first thing I noticed is that their starting prices are good, but in the more details tab I see that these discounted prices are only one-time and when you renew your package, you will be charged The normal price i.e. 4 is several times more than their discounted price. It’s an inexpensive trick to attract customers, but I picked it up for a while and collected some reviews about it.

So, just like HostGator, I decided to do some paperwork on the Siteground review to see if people were happy. The reviews aren’t bad, however, I’ve noticed a simple pattern where newer reviews are mostly negative. I changed the “Sort By” tab from Most Relevant to Newest and the picture came out clear. Newer reviews are full of complaints about its poor practices and response times. Most of them are very critical of how their site’s speed has deteriorated over the past few months.

And just like that, I crossed this host off the list.


Skystra seems new to me, but they offer competitive prices and 24/7 human support which is the basis of my new search. The attraction for me at least is their 30 day free trial which intrigues me and I can’t resist because they also offer a totally free migration – which will save me a lot of time and headaches because I really don’t know how to migrate themselves.

Still, I found some reviews on Skystra and was happy with the feedback and decided to give it a go, because hey! A 30-day free trial, free migration, and 24/7 customer support were all I needed to test if I could keep using them.

Skystra – The Best WordPress Hosting in the World?

After an hour or two sure, I went flyover Host a website and hit their live customer support with my inquiries. I initially decided to wait 10 minutes and if they responded within 10 minutes then I’d happily move on, otherwise I’d decide on another one.

I am about to load Lex Friedman Short podcast to pass the time, but surprisingly I got a response mark Within 2-3 minutes, he Answered my questions and assured me they would help me every step of the way asking these stupid questions.


On their homepage, I found that Skystra has three different niche hosting sections, each with three different plans. Have:

  • managed WordPress hosting,
  • Proxy hosting
  • cloud hosting

Honestly, I don’t know what proxy and cloud hosting are, all I know is that my store is built on something called WordPress. Here’s the pricing for their WordPress plans:

The price is pretty good compared to the old hosting I offered, I paid $27 per month (not including email).

30-day free trial

call me cheap, but 30-day free trial The main attraction for me because I don’t want to spend money just to find out I’ve been scammed and will end up losing my money, so god knows how long this cycle will repeat.

In my job, every penny has to be saved because it’s not easy and a little less profitable to provide quality clothing for cute pets at competitive prices.

I’m confused because I don’t know which package to choose… Oops, I knocked on the door of Skytra customer support and bothered again.

24/7 Customer Support

Skystra offers 24/7 customer support, which is a blessing for a tech illiterate like me who often gets lost and customer support is the only place I can find refuge.

Again, not sure which hosting plan to choose, I asked mark To help me decide on a hosting plan, WordPress hosting to be precise.

(don’t mind the vague text, it contains some confidential information :P)

he I was asked questions like what was my monthly traffic, what the site was about, and if I hosted many images or videos – I provided all the answers and suggested that I use a growth plan that met my criteria. I told him I wanted to continue Skystra’s growth plan, and he sent me a link to a 30-day free trial and guided me through the process.

I am here markOr I’ve always been grateful because the whole process was really painless and smooth. mark Stayed in touch with me throughout the sign up process and even contacted me afterwards to make sure I was happy.

Free Migration

I don’t want to end up not discussing the most important task at hand, which is Skystra’s Free Immigration Offer My website went from old host to new host. I’m worried if something happens and I lose all my data – I’ll end up losing all my hard work and have to start from scratch.

They do claim that the migration will complete in an average of 2 hours with no downtime, but I’m still hesitant to try it as this is my first time migrating and trying Skystra.

On the other hand, the site is still in old hosting and continues to go down, and I only have one last step to complete, which is to migrate it out of there. I took a deep breath and continued the process with the details I needed to complete the migration, and again I was amazed that everything was done within a few hours and my store was live on Skystra.

I checked every product I listed to make sure everything was the way it was, I was even looking for the prices I listed to make sure nothing had changed, gosh, wasted hours on that! Everything is in its place. I just exaggerated my anxiety.


I found Skystra’s interface easy to use.

I can log into my control panel or WordPress dashboard with one click. The support help desk is easy to access and most importantly, I am happy that my online store is running and online for my customers to buy from me.

One thing I was confused about was where to access my email, it wasn’t very clear at first, but their support was able to give me a direct webmail login link, which I put in my browser’s bookmark manager, And can click to quickly access forward.

Once again, their support was quick to answer this simple question!

Would I recommend Skystra?

If you read it from top to bottom, it’s clear that I totally recommend Skystra, and I publicly agree. Now that my electronics store is back on track, I no longer have to worry about anything in terms of hosting, all I have to do for the past few months is to focus on delivering quality to my customers and finding new ways to expand.

I can’t seem to stress enough about the 24/7 support they offer. In my opinion this is new and a game changer because I know that customers really want someone to guide them, help them make choices, and be there if anything goes wrong, and it’s fantastic to always have customer support for you .

Not only that, but their support is respectful, from a real person, and fast. Their response actually shows that they care about me and my online store, which makes a world of difference.

in conclusion

I’m writing this little review 4 months after Skystra owned my site. During those 4 months I had almost 0 downtime and 0 complaints. However, I have some contact with their customer support, whether it’s day or midnight, I always get a response within an average of 10 minutes, any questions I have, relevant or not, they always respond to me in a very professional manner and Do your best to solve it for me.

I don’t comment on something I like, but if it’s shaped my life, solved my major problem, or helped me stay sane, I’ll open up on my laptop and start typing. This is just for others like me who are starting out or going through a phase I have been through.

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