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If you’re new to the gambling industry, you probably don’t know what an affiliate program is. However, as you gain expertise in online gambling, there’s a good chance you’ll come across this term more often. When you register as a member, you can earn money by referring other gamblers to a bookmaker.This post will give a comprehensive overview of the criteria you should use to identify Top Affiliate Betting Program.

An estimated $225 billion is earned annually through online sports betting. Sports betting is a specialized area of ​​the gaming industry, but they offer the potential for lucrative rewards to those willing to put in the necessary work. In this case, software like Sportsbooks Affiliate can be helpful. Affiliate marketing has been very successful for internet company owners in recent years.In Affiliate Marketing, there are Affiliate Programs, and Betting UK Affiliate Network. You can choose exactly what is right for you. Affiliate marketing in online sportsbooks can help you make a lot of money and grow your business and the services of the brands you promote if you create high-quality useful content.

What is a gaming league?

Affiliate marketing in the gambling industry is an advertisement where you earn a commission to send people to certain online retailers, in this case betting sites (or wagering). Deciding to become a member of a betting site may bring in a steady stream of passive income. Almost anyone can open a membership account on the online gambling more online casino news in GBC time.

Top Sports Betting Affiliate Programs

rice power

Paddy Power is a large company across the Atlantic, but they don’t have a US presence. There are a large number of Europeans, British and Irish as their potential customers. Paddy Power bettors can bet on a variety of sports, from soccer and golf to the National Football League and even fantasy sports leagues. Paddy Power is also known for its affiliate network in the sports betting industry. Depending on the sport your audience is betting on, you may earn between £15 and £20 per referral.

888 Sports

As one of the leading online sports betting sites, 888 Sports is committed to safe betting and competitive odds on pre- and in-game betting. It’s a full-service sportsbook with a desktop website and mobile app that offers a simplified betting experience in a secure environment. Football, cricket, ice hockey, racing, cycling, chess matches, etc. are just some of the sports you can gamble on.

This sportsbook’s affiliate program is popular with marketers because it offers a bespoke compensation structure to guarantee substantial payments to affiliate members, and a dedicated affiliate manager to help promote yours through targeted content creation and dissemination. brand.

zero code system

ZCode System is known for using a forecasting technique developed for the foreign exchange market in its online betting business. Final result? Throughout the year, your site’s users will have sport choices based on a mathematical model that indicates which games will bring in the most revenue. As an affiliate marketer, promoting their offers can earn you an incredible average of $632 per transaction. Of course, it depends on how your website’s users allocate their funds to other activities within the platform, such as joining a VIP club or purchasing a ZCode Almanac subscription.

Bet 365

You can’t be a football fan and haven’t seen or heard an ad for it. Founded in the UK in 2000, Bet365 has grown into a global leader in the online gambling industry, attracting over 53 million customers from around the world. Bet365 is one of the top betting sites in the world, with revenue of around £3 billion a year. Bet365’s affiliate program for sports betting services is simple. Affiliate marketers get 30% of any revenue generated by the customers they promote, plus all stakes made by those customers.

fan duel

FanDuel is a US-based sports betting platform that accepts bets on fantasy sports, traditional sports and even horse racing. It is now approved for sale in 15 different states in the US. FanDuel offers sports bettors a variety of betting options​​. The sportsbook was one of the first to offer cash-paying fantasy sports betting.

Fanduel makes some of the largest payments for its affiliates compared to other sports betting affiliate programs. Their sports betting affiliate program offers two different avenues for participation. If more than 100 people join using an affiliate link each month, the cost per action (CPA) for an affiliate is about $35. Affiliates receive 35% of their referrer’s revenue during the first 730 days on the platform through a revenue share program.

God of Gamblers

Betting Gods takes the chance factor out of sports betting by offering free betting advice from tipsters and experts. There are now 120,000 registered Betting Gods users and they all get free daily betting advice. Affiliates can earn up to $115.31 per customer known as the Betting Gods (sports betting affiliate network). A multi-level upsell strategy means more sales and more commissions for you.


Betfair is one of the largest betting exchanges in the world, as well as another online betting exchange such as Paddy Power. As one of the first betting exchanges, they allowed gamblers to bet directly against each other, bypassing bookmakers. Betfair is an online sportsbook, casino, bingo and poker room.

Betfair’s affiliate program shares 30% of the player’s net earnings. To be clear, this rule covers consumers as long as they use the site and earn or spend money there. Therefore, affiliates should expect consistent payments. Great, right? There is a 30-day cookie policy and a 30-day payment processing cycle.


Thousands of people have come to rely on Bovada as their go-to site for gaming fun. 35% of monthly net income generated by sports betting, horse racing betting, casinos and poker rooms is eligible for distribution. When monthly casino revenue exceeds $50,000, you will start earning 45% casino NGR. Betting in sportsbooks, horse racing, casinos and poker rooms increases the player’s commission.


DraftKings is a US-based startup that hosts daily fantasy sports competitions and offers sports betting. Users can participate in daily and weekly fantasy sports competitions for cash prizes based on the results of the players of their choice.

American football (NFL), baseball (MLB), hockey (NHL), basketball (NBA) and golf (PGA) are the five most popular sports in the United States. As well as the Premier League and Champions League, NASCAR, mixed martial arts, professional tennis and many others.

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