Are NVMe SSD drives really worth it for server hosting?

Whether you’re an experienced web designer, e-commerce website owner, or blogger, the storage technology on your hosting server can significantly impact your website’s performance. As a result, storage device manufacturers continue to develop better solutions to support faster and more robust web hosting. Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) technology is one such approach.

This relatively new communication interface uses high-speed solid-state drive (SSD) technology for faster execution. Tests show that read/write speeds are three times faster. As has been seen repeatedly, better performance leads to higher search engine rankings, higher conversion rates, and lower bounce rates.

What the heck is an NVMe drive?

NVMe (non-volatile memory express) is a storage interface that debuted in 2013. The term “non-volatile” means that the storage is not erased when the computer is restarted. The word “fast” refers to the fact that data on an NVMe drive is transferred through the PCI Express interface on the computer’s motherboard. This provides a more direct connection between your data and your computer, making NVMes faster than traditional SSDs.

What are the benefits of using them on busy servers?

If you’re looking for a hosting or server solution, or if you’re working on a busy server, NVMes might be perfect for you.

Here are some of the main benefits of using NVMe drives:

  • Fewer bottlenecks on the server
  • Improved server and computer performance
  • Enhanced User Experience

Every business relies on data, but if your servers are running on traditional memory cards and disks, you may run into difficulties when the volume of requests and user connections is high. These bottlenecks can be detrimental to your organization as they cause slow data access and web page performance, resulting in poor user experience and customer churn.

Is NVMe better than other storage technologies?

extremely fast

The speed of the storage system is the most important characteristic. NVMe VPS SSDs are created with no moving components, keeping your data instantly accessible and your website loading at lightning speed. Another great feature that makes NVMe SSD VPS hosting a faster hosting system is the ability to read and write data simultaneously. NVMe storage can provide faster read and write speeds and higher I/O performance, resulting in a better user experience. NVMe storage can also help improve the performance of virtual private server-hosted applications. Exabytes VPS solutions with NVMe SSD drives are designed to provide high performance at low cost. Experience 50x faster performance than a standard SSD VPS. You’ll receive a powerful solution with dedicated resources for your app, website, SaaS and eCommerce store.

Power consumption and durability

Another important factor to consider when looking for a practical storage solution is durability. Moving parts cause storage devices to fail due to wear; however, NVMe SSDs have few moving parts, which means no wear and tear, making SSDs durable enough to improve VPS server operations. They also use less power, which helps reduce data center power bills.

Improve efficiency, no data fragmentation

Data fragmentation is a serious obstacle to fast data processing; it takes a long time. It needs to spin the disk to get the data and then read it, which is very inconvenient. NVMe SSD storage has no data fragmentation to get rid of this. When you need data, provide it in a timely manner without going through time-consuming spinning and assembly operations; this ultimately increases the efficiency of your VPS server.

Next Steps in Virtual Private Server Performance (VPS)

NVMe SSD storage offers efficiency, reliability, and durability unmatched by other storage technologies. Although NVMe storage is expensive, its service is worth it for those looking for a high-performance server. Whether you manage a small website or a large business, a VPS hosting server backed by NVMe SSD storage is the most beneficial option.

Why use Exabytes NVMe SSD VPS hosting?

With NVMe SSDs, ultra-fast SSD-only drives have faster access times, less latency, and up to 100 times higher IOPs than standard drives. With NVMe, IOPS can now reach 1 million.

  • Deploy in 3 minutes or less – no waiting. Just place an order and pay. Our automated deployment method ensures your NVMe VPS server is up and running in minutes.
  • High-performance processor – In fact, all systems include a six-core Intel Xeon processor for responsive service.
  • Remote Management Made Simple – To operate your VPS server remotely, you can use the SolusVM control panel, the web-based KVM virtual console, or SSH.
  • Full control over the host – you now have root (admin) access and can install PHP, modules, server-level proxies, and more.
  • Never worry about losing files again – Unmetered Off Server Daily Backup will back up all your data within 14 days (optional).

You can check out Exabytes’ ultra-fast, reliable and affordable NVMe VPS hosting solutions.

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