2022 holiday trends in the creator economy


Uday Deb

Not just Gen Z and Millennials, people of all ages today spend their time on social media and follow influencers for ideas, inspiration, and advice. They browse authentic content and keep them engaged, entertained, and informed — which happens to be the core product of influencer marketing. Meta’s 2022 Festival Consumer Insights report found that 53% of Diwali shoppers were discovered online through influencers, while for the other 56% their purchasing decisions were driven by public figures/celebrities.

The main reason for this is the growing popularity of influencers and the trusted control they have over their audiences and their emergence as a cost-effective solution for brands. Because influencers are authentic and relevant to consumers, they can bring real value to brands by offering exciting ways to share their message. Partnering with content creators offers brands the opportunity to understand consumer behavior and target and reach a wider audience. It can also help brands leverage their online presence and deal with content that audiences care about.

Let’s take a look at the trends in the creator economy surrounding festivals in 2022 –

  • Watch out for nano and micro influencers.

Earlier brands were only focused on working with more prominent creators, but they are now willing to explore relevant nano or micro influencers for this purpose. This is because these creator groups have a very niche audience with higher engagement levels that can help brands hyper-localize their conversations with consumers.

  • Dig for all ages.

Brands use influencers to not only “influence” but also to generate diverse, premium content and target all age groups. India’s 80 million creators are spread across different age groups, from baby and Gen Z influencers to couples influencers and even veteran influencers building a niche for themselves. In a country with over 500 active social media users, most of whom follow at least one influencer, there is a huge opportunity for brands to have a family-like impact on customers during the holiday season.

  • In addition to lifestyle and beauty, creators are being invested in every sector.

In addition to lifestyle and beauty, multiple brands are investing in creators this holiday season. New entrants this season are D2C, FMCG, smart food/nutrition, banking and finance, and many startup and fitness brands. Not only do they invest in well-known celebrities and influencers to market their products and services, but they also attract nano-influencers for that.

  • Interact with regional creators.

The report shows that rural social media users continue to grow at a rate of 2x per year. Viewers are known to prefer consuming content in their native language. As a result, vernacular creators are flourishing because they can create highly engaging content and connect with their audiences in the local language. Working with regional influencers helps brands be grounded, honest and original, and leverages increased inclusivity in their campaigns.

  • Affiliate marketing is on the rise.

Affiliate marketing has always been part of the creator economy space. However, the number of contests and promotions by brands through influencers is definitely on the rise during the festive season. With affiliate marketing, creators recommend specific products or services by offering exclusive discounts that are valid specifically for their followers. This gives brands and influencers a great way to make a profit and deliver the best deals to their audiences – a win-win for all.

Other notable trends this season are brands partnering with meta/virtual influencers and working with creators to create dedicated holiday video content for their websites. This holiday season, brands elevate their campaigns with fun taglines, clever wordplay, lavish visuals, humor and informative content. How many have you caught?



The views expressed above are the author’s own.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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