10 Best Ways to Make Money Fast in GTA V

Although recent events confirm that Rockstar Games has officially started development Grand Theft Auto VI, the fifth major entry in the series is still going strong.Los Santos and its surrounding areas are still flooded with online activity, making it more important than ever for players to know how to make money in it Grand Theft Auto V quickly.

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Given the large number of events that players can participate in GTA Online, there are countless ways to generate income. However, while passive income earning business and competitive models can generate a lot of cash, there are some sure-fire ways to grow your character’s bank account in less time.

10/10 Cayo Perico Heist promises to make players millionaires

When it comes to one-time payments, there are few tasks GTA Online Better than Cayo Perico Heist. First released in December 2020, this action-packed DLC heist has players recovering sensitive documents from a fortified island and stealing anything they can grab along the way.

The minimum player earnings from this heist is over $1,000,000, so it’s a solid reward no matter the circumstances. While it does require the Diamond Casino and the penthouse on the Kosatka Submarine to execute the job, its dividends are well worth the investment.

There are several activities in GTA Online Rewarding players with huge amounts of money, while undoubtedly worth it for those with the resources, shouldn’t forget the less flashy options in the game. One tool that many players fail to use is the Wheel of Fortune inside the Diamond Casino.

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After paying $500 to enter the casino, its members can spin the wheel of fortune once a day. Players have a 40% chance of earning between $10,000 and $50,000 per spin, so it’s well worth the little time spent.

8/10 Franklin Clinton helps coordinate valuable payphone hits

Since Franklin Clinton was one of them Grand Theft Auto VOf the three protagonists, it should come as no surprise that he also appears in the online portion of the game. In fact, his payphone hits – which offer players assassination contracts via payphones that can be found all over the map – are one of the most lucrative options in the game.

Each hit generates a $15,000 reward, but players will receive an additional $70,000 if they follow the reward criteria provided by Franklin. Players only have a 20-minute cooldown between hits, making it a viable option to build up cash quickly.

7/10 The Double Action Revolver bonus is a nice one-time bonus

Most tasks are in GTA Online It is repeatable, but in a few special cases, only a one-time achievement can be rewarded with a large number of players. One such example is the bonus for taking 50 headshots with a double-action revolver in an online game—exactly $250,000.

Getting a double-action revolver can be a bit of a hassle, as players have to go on a scavenger hunt to find it. However, since NPCs count towards player milestones, performing the necessary number of headshots with a weapon is very easy to justify the effort.

6/10 Vehicle cargo missions can lead to huge payouts

along with GTA OnlineThe vehicular freight assignments associated with vehicle depots prove that the company’s most expensive black market business is paying off handsomely. While each of these missions has its own unique circumstances, they all require players to transport a specific vehicle to their warehouse with as little damage as possible.

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Selling these vehicles will net players between $30,000 and $100,000 each, which certainly justifies the high cost of buying a vehicle depot. Vehicle cargo missions are one of the easiest ways to earn money in the entire game without the interference of other online players.

5/10 Selling a car generates some huge profits instantly

Not all ways to make money GTA Online As fascinating as the high-roller heists it shows. Proven methods like stealing and selling NPC vehicles can still work under the right circumstances, even if they don’t earn the player as much as others.

For the most part, selling stolen cars to Los Santos Customs and Simon won’t make many players rich. However, if someone needs to cash out a few thousand dollars in a short period of time, hijacking nearby NPCs is not bad.

4/10 Special cargo missions generate millions at maximum capacity

Similar to the vehicle cargo system, special cargo missions allow players to steal and sell cargo from a pre-order warehouse of their choice. Unlike some of the other missions, Special Cargo missions require money to start; however, they quickly prove their price tag is worth the money.

A large warehouse containing 111 special cargo spaces sells for $2,200,000 if fully loaded. Additionally, players can sell their inventory at any point in the process, making it a solid choice for almost any player.

3/10 VIP contracts make the most of Dr. Dre’s appearance

This Grand Theft Auto The franchise is no stranger to celebrity crossovers, but even by their gaming standards, GTA OnlineThe collaboration with Dr. Dre is a monumental achievement. In the VIP contract mission, players team up with Franklin Clinton to find Dr. Dre’s stolen phone and take out his unknown attacker.

Although these missions require relatively little work, they reward players with a lot of cash.Completing contracts earns players over $1,000,000, further cementing Dr. Dre’s place in the annals Grand Theft Auto history.

2/10 Auto shop robbery is clearly a necessary investment

GTA Online There are many ways for players to build a criminal syndicate, and while some require significant startup costs, almost all of them are worth it. The auto shop robbery missions in the game that require auto shop participation are a great example of this trend.

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While auto shops can cost well over $1,000,000 to buy, they are able to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour through various heist missions. Everyone needs a series of brief setup jobs, but their hefty outlay quickly makes the job feel like an inconsequential factor.

1/10 Free Roam Challenges reward skilled players with small tasks

not every task GTA Online More rewards due to the player’s skills. However, some that do – like the game’s online free-roam challenges – can be a quick and easy way to generate some cash.

Free Roam challenges require players to participate in a random competition among all members of their online lobby. These races vary by tasks such as “longest bike ride on a motorcycle” and “longest down without dying,” so those who are in a good position when these challenges begin will try wisely they.

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